NWC supports selected hands-on Community Service Projects through the generous support of its members and corporate sponsors. NWC enjoys a rich history of community service. For example, during the past five years, members have performed more than 100,000 hours of personal service for our beneficiaries and other NWC designated Community Service Projects. NWC is currently represented by one or more members on the Boards of Directors of numerous charitable agencies. Community Service is the heart and soul of Northwood Woman's Club. Each of the service groups served are chosen for their outstanding work with children, teens, abused women and people in need of caring help, not only in time of crisis but everyday living. With generous funding provided in part by our Corporate Sponsors, Northwood Woman's Club works with hospitals, ministries, education and counseling, museums and nursing homes. Regardless if it is collecting toys for Christmas, school supplies in September, cooking casseroles or cookies for families in stress and need, dedicated members give generously of their time and talents. This Community Service group helps meet the challenges of Dallas community needs. Below are some of our members at Dallas County Adoption Day, where we served refreshments baked by our members to the children and families participating in Adoption Day.

Our current community service involvement includes: